I'm Back and Stronger and Better Than Ever

Your favorite blogger is baaaaaaack! Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I've been very busy with homeschooling and our family recently fulfilled our dream of moving out of state so we can bring our horses home and enjoy a more down to earth and slower pace of life. Yipee! Since homeschooling, I also joined the United States Equestrian Federation Junior Lettering Program. I earned my first badge last academic year thanks to homeschooling which allows me to focus more on what matters in life and what I love, and less on meaningless busy work in school, which I realized there is a lot of and I mean A LOT. Don't get me wrong, I still work hard with homeschooling and have 'home' work ๐Ÿ˜ and have to study for tests. But I have to say that I have learned more in the last 3 months from homeschooling than in 2 years of traditional schooling. I mean I actually remember what I learn. I get learn about subjects I love like biology, equine science, and writing a children's book. Homeschooling has given me the flexibility to grow as an individual. It sparked my love of learning again, and I am not just memorizing content to get an A on a test. I am no longer just checking the boxes off for assignments, but actually wanting to learn. My mom still makes me take tests but I have a sense of personal accomplishment now opposed to just checking boxes off to get a letter grade. In traditional school, you're always worried that what if you're that one kid that doesn't get on the honor roll because you bombed a test. Homeschooling so far gets a 10 out of 10, so much that my younger sister wants to try it now too. I can even start earning high school credits next year. So if you're sitting on the fence about homeschooling because of covid or allergies or whatever the reason is, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. Thank you to my former teacher for inspiring me to write again and reminding me of the importance of finding my voice and why I love writing so much. Oddly enough, the one person that I aspire not to be like inspired me the most to write and lit a fire in me. So kudos to her, or actually to me๐Ÿ˜‚. So let's jump right into it, shall we? Homeschooling lesson for this weekend...drum roll please ๐Ÿฅ ... Narcissists. They are everywhere. They can be leaders of the country, your boss, or yes even your teacher at some point. ๐Ÿ˜The ability to take criticism well depends mostly on how secure we feel about ourselves. "You can dish it out, but you can't take it" is classic of a narcissist and their biggest dilemma. Are there any in your life? Feel free to comment below! Here is a great link of the definition of a narcissist for all you narcissists reading this or for those of you just interested in learning about them ๐Ÿค”: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/evolution-the-self/201110/the-narcissists-dilemma-they-can-dish-it-out
In life sometimes you have to know when to walk away from a person or situation, but what I learned in homeschooling recently is sometimes it is appropriate and necessary to stand up against the bully and hold them accountable for their behavior. Especially when they are in an authoritative position with control over others. Thank for tuning in! Hopefully I'll see you next time! (Sorry that it came out in one big paragraph. That's not how I formatted it but tech happens sometimes. You just got to with the flow!)


  1. Thank you for posting and sharing this! I know a narcissist and this is spot on. Everyone's fault but their own and they make you feel crazy. Not to mention, they love drama, making a big deal out of everything. Good for you for posting this! You are mature beyond years. Keep writing! You have a new blog follower. Glad my friend shared this with me :D

  2. So happy to see you are still writing! Keep it up. This is brilliant! You are a very talented writer and your style of capturing serious issues in such an entertaining and engaging way is truly a gift. You really are mature beyond your years as another commented.

  3. Welcome back. I have been following your blog.
    You are amazingly expressive for a young age.
    I hope this will bring awareness - not only to other children, but to the community at large -
    the difficulty of having to deal with serious allergy issues on a daily basis.

  4. You have more integrity and courage in your pinkie finger than most adults I know, including myself. Your words are inspiring and they have awakened old feelings in me. Memories of being completely unheard, ignored, or told I'm the angry one. Distortion and projection are a deadly, annilating duo and you're managing to keep yourself away from swallowing them up by standing up to insanity. When we claim what isn't ours we surrender to versions of other people that get lodged in us. Then we have to figure out excorsisms in our adult lives. In your writing, I see you won't need that. Your staking a claim to your true, authentic self where no one else's bullshit is welcome. That is the highest honor you can give yourself and by writing this blog, you have helped me see my own bullshit. The most precious thing you have is the conviction of your own separate personhood. You've got it firmly in your possession. Others will come for it. Might even be threatened to see you have something they never got. Might want to deposit their toxic bullshit in you but you're not open for that kind of business. Don't ever stop writing, talking, sharing in the area of your own convictions. I thank you for reminding me of all I have swallowed and all I have yet to expel. I'm working on it. I'm grateful to you. ๐Ÿ’ฅ❣️๐Ÿ’ฅ

  5. Thank you for this beautiful writing. It has inspired me to get to know people better and to try to understand what people are going through. It has helped me have more compassion for others. We need more writers like you who are talented and have to courage to share their stories. Thank you again, you are changing the world.


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