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Halloween Can Still Be Safe and Fun (Safe Snacks and More Advice for Around the Halloween Season)

If you have food allergies, sometimes the scariest thing about Halloween is the candy. It really doesn't have to be! I have an anaphylactic egg allergy (and peanuts) and still enjoy Halloween just as much as every kid, except I don't eat all the candy. If you put it in perspective candy doesn't have to be a big part of Halloween. You can still dress up and have fun hanging out wit friends! As you get older candy becomes   less and less important anyway. I mean you don't see adults trick-or-treating for candy, do you? And your body and teeth will thank you for eating less sugar. Here are some safe allergy friendly Halloween candy brands. Some of them, you can even enjoy as  snacks or special treats outside of Halloween. I have spent a LOT of time after trick-or-treating researching candies that are safe to eat and which ones aren't. I wanted to create this post to save you the hassle of having to research all of the candy/snacks that are safe to eat